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Coconut Exporters in India

There is a huge demand for fresh semi husked coconuts across the world. We are a reputed coconut exporter in India and overseas including Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore. As a coconut exporter or supplier, we deliver good quality coconuts anywhere in India and overseas at competitive prices within the scheduled timeframe. These coconuts are of best quality and the quality packaging by our team ensures that coconuts are reached safely in good condition wherever they are destined to.

Widely used in cuisines, coconuts are a rich source of nutrients such as coconut milk and fatty acid cholesterol. Our hygienically packed coconuts retain its freshness and taste for a longer period. If you are looking for a reliable coconut exporter in India to deliver quality coconuts in desired quantity, contact us today as we are ready to serve you in delivering coconuts in any quantity at reasonable prices.

Fresh Coconut Exporter - HOSDAP International

We are one of the topmost Fresh Coconut exporters in India. We have been operating for many years and are dealing with several clients from various parts of the globe. Our services are unmatchable because of the excellence and the quality of our products. The coconuts provided by us are packed from farms directly. All types of coconuts are from naturally grown trees. While packing the coconuts, we make sure that our organic and fresh coconuts remain intact. The coconuts, which we supply, are widely used in various industries such as food and beverage, cosmetic and health & beauty care products.

We deal with the reputed clients from these industries and make sure that they get the high-quality products without any delay and compromise on quality. Coconuts we supply do not contain any adulteration or harmful elements. We follow the standards and do not compromise the high quality of our products. The coconuts are organically grown, and they give amazing aroma, taste and enriched with nutrients. These are packed properly ensuring long shelf-life. The coconuts are also used in the hotels and by the end users. HOSDAP International is one of the wholesalers of fresh husked coconut suppliers and has expanded the venture to various parts of the India and Globe.

Coconut Exporters in India – Pollachi:

We are coconut exporters in India. We export and supply

  • Dehusked Coconuts
  • Tender Coconuts
Attention Indian Coconut Traders for Exports: HOSDAP International Exports deal & process with LC or TT only for the direct overseas buyers. If you are an Indian coconut trader, who wills to export but looking for supplies from HOSDAP International Exports. Please ensure that payment terms are 50% Advance to confirm your order and remaining 50% on the day of delivery. There will be same export quality provided to all the customers. HOSAP International Exports is one of the reliable coconut exporters in India & Coconut suppliers for Chennai, Bangalore &Tamilnadu. HOSDAP International Exports coconuts & cultivates coconuts on our farms & source from farmers for coconut exports As Coconut exporters in India, we supply to our global customers with coconuts free from impurities and every coconut is controlled by quality checks before exported across the world & the same quality of coconut supply is being done across India as well.

Get the best price for Coconut in HOSDAP India:

Trust us without a dot of a doubt on the pricing strategy, we don’t buy it from agencies or commission agents or someone who is one of the third of third broker who deals with the final pricing. We bring a direct connect and direct prices to your doors. we procure directly from the farmers. All the quality checks are being performed and transported to the buyer or customers. Coconut buyers will definitely get the best prices with HOSDAP International Exports

Connectivity and Facility for the fresh coconut exports:

As one of the coconut exporters in India, We stick to the quality that we promise to coconut buyers. We are connected to airports & shipyards at 2 to 4 hrs of reach so connectivity is hassle free for a coconut exporters in India to deliver the right quality for Coconut Exports.

Coconut By-Products


Semi Husked Coconuts

These are fully matured coconuts but while de-husking, the husk is left intact over the “eyes” of the coconut. This is a sensitive area, and by protecting it we can increase the shelf life of the coconut as the area susceptible to decay is protected.


Fully Husked Coconuts

These are also fully matured coconuts, but the husk is removed completely. The shelf life of this variety is little less than the semi husked ones but since there is no husk, handling these coconuts can be done without a mess. These coconuts must be stored in a cool and dry place.

Tender Coconut

HOSDAP International Exports is a preferred partner as coconut exporters in India. We own farms where we harvest tender coconut at times and process it according to our customer’s requirement for coconut exports. We also source tender coconuts from farmers directly to ensure to keep the coconut supply meets the exclusive coconut price & demand. As a reliable tender coconut suppliers in Tamilnadu & Chennai, we source tender coconuts that are harvest by both organic farming & inorganic farming as well.

As a quality oriented Tender coconut exporters in India, we ensure that the checklist for quality controls is followed every time including the certifications. Ramsay Exports has a capacity and potential in supplying huge quantities of tender coconut with demand time. The quality control doesn’t involve any chemical processing to retain the original taste for coconut exports in India.